Be Britt

July 8, 2014

360 Razor Kids User Review


Have you heard about a superb, amazing toy called 360 Razor!!!,
The 360 Razor looks like a trycicle but it is not! Why??? Everyone knows what it’s like to ride a tricycle so my focus is on the 360 Razor. To ride the 360 Razor, peddle really fast then you jolt the handlebars to a hard right or a hard left and you will spin around in a circle! Some spins leave a trail of sparks where you are turning really fast and you pull a lever and you look behind you and there are sparks! Thankfully it will not make a fire!!! My suggestion is, don’t try doing a spin down hill unless you want to be in a crash! Razors come in two different colors the red one will make the sparks and the pink one is normal! If you would like one you might want to ask for a 360 Razor for Christmas!!! Both kids and adults are sure to enjoy this toy!!!Mine is pink!!!