Be Britt

March 5, 2016



If you are looking for a thrilling, adventurous and scary book you have found your dream book! Fablehaven is a book about Kendra and Seth! Their parents are going on a cruise and they will be staying at their grandparents house when they go on the cruise! Kendra and Seth are still children but the world is still at risk of ending! Soon you will find out the mysterious creatures of Fablehaven! Can they save the world? Go to your nearest bookstore or library now and get Fablehaven by Bradon Mull to find out what will happen!

P.s. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover! The book is much more thrilling than the cover.


July 8, 2014

Book Review of “Just Grace” By Charise Harper


Just Grace by Charise Harper

Just Grace is a very good series to read! It’s all about a girl whose name in school is Just Grace!!! It all started when there was four Graces in her class!!! This made it very confusing!!!! They decided to call all of the Graces by the first letter of their last name!!! But then Grace said I want to be called “Just Grace!” The teacher did not know what she meant by “Just Grace”!!! So she was called Just Grace!!! Just Grace’s best friend is Meme!!! Just Grace meets some other unusual characters in the book!!! I hope you enjoy Just Grace as much as I did!!!