Be Britt

August 3, 2014

The Great Smoky Mountains


The great Smoky mountains is a superb place to find wildlife!!!
My favorite place in the Smoky Mountains was Cade’s Cove!
There I found lots of wildlife including deer,snakes,bears and even blue tailed skinks!!! The deer we found were young juvenile bucks with velvet antlers.


This is a cool fact about blue tailed skinks:
When a predator try’s to eat them, the predator is attracted to the blue tail and goes for the blue tail and the blue tail breaks off! Most times the tail grows back the color of their skin but some times it will grow back pink!!!!


Black bears can run up to 35 miles an hour!
They can weigh up to 400 pounds!!!
Even though their name is black bears they can still be different colors! They can be cinnamon colored and some times not often they can be white!!!
Black bears stay with their mother for two years!