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October 24, 2016

Stone Crab season


Have you ever tasted stone crab? Stone crab is a delicacy found in the Gulf Coast of Florida. Stone crab is a sustainable food source. When you harvest a claw it will grow it back by the next Stone crab season. Stone crab season starts on October 15th and it ends on May 15th. You are only allowed to take the claw if it is over 2 3/4 inches. You measure it from the tip of the claw to what looks like the elbow. You can tell Stone crab apart from other crabs because of it’s distinctive look. Here is a picture of a Stone crab.


How you get the claw of a Stone crab.
I use tongs to get the crab out of the trap. Once you have a good grip on the crab with the tongs you take gardening shears and cut of one of the claws. You can use your hands but if you use your hands you can take meat out of their thorax and then there is a 30% chance that they will die. Also, you can take both claws but then you leave the crab defenseless and it won’t be able to eat.If you put their claw towards their eyes they can’t move the claw. If you get pinched by a Stone crab, it really hurts, I advise you to put on thick gloves if it is your first time and don’t get pinched.


With the fish head in the picture I caught 10 stone crab. The smellier the better. If you want to catch blue crab chicken bones and a little meat is perfect. I use fish heads for my bait.Here is a picture of the Stone Crab claws that I caught.



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