Be Britt

July 23, 2014



If you want to see cute humming birds then you should get a hummingbird feeder!
To attract the hummingbirds, fill it with suger water or you can buy special hummingbird nectar at the store!!!
Then it will take a few days for them to discover it!
In the right season (spring and summer) you will see a ton! Once they find it they will not leave it alone until all the nectar is gone!!!

Cool Fact: Did you know the Ruby Red Throated Hummingbird weigh less than a nickel?? Their favorite color is red, so a brightly colored feeder will attract more hummingbirds!!!

Here is a picture of a Ruby Red Throated hummingbird at my feeder. image

This is the hummingbird feeder that our hummingbirds seem to like (and it even comes with free nectar!)

Here are the nectar refills in case you attract lots of hungry hummingbirds like we do!


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