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January 22, 2017

Sasquatch Escape

Sasquatch Escape

Sasquatch Escape is a fun and exciting book about a Sasquatch escaping into the known world. At first Ben, the main character, thought it would be the most boring summer he had ever had. But then Ben found one baby dragon and Pearl ( a trouble maker) will come across a large dragon. In Sasquatch escape there is a known world and an Imaginary world. Pearl and Ben will have to catch the Sasquatch and try not to let anyone see the Sasquatch. If people see the Sasquatch they will start freaking out. Also Mr.Tabby gave them a box that would help them to catch the Sasquatch.
It will be their job to catch the Sasquatch. The Sasquatch wants to get out of the building because he was getting treated for foot fungus and get into the real world were he thinks he can get all the sweets he wants.

September 7, 2015

The Island Series by Gordan Korman


The Island Series

The Island Series

Have you ever read the Island series?
I highly recommend this excellent adventure series by Gordan Korman!

Click here to see my video review on the Island series

September 6, 2014

Florida Sunshine State Books


Sunshine state books.

“Eight class pets +one squirrel \ one dog=chaos” By Vivian Vande Velde

This is a short 68 page book about a dog chasing a squirrel!

It all started when the squirrel saw a owl chasing him!

The squirrel then ran into the principal’s dog and got trapped in the school for one whole night!

I highly recommend this book if you have a dog, cat or you like animals!

I hope you enjoy the book!

July 8, 2014

Book Review of “Just Grace” By Charise Harper


Just Grace by Charise Harper

Just Grace is a very good series to read! It’s all about a girl whose name in school is Just Grace!!! It all started when there was four Graces in her class!!! This made it very confusing!!!! They decided to call all of the Graces by the first letter of their last name!!! But then Grace said I want to be called “Just Grace!” The teacher did not know what she meant by “Just Grace”!!! So she was called Just Grace!!! Just Grace’s best friend is Meme!!! Just Grace meets some other unusual characters in the book!!! I hope you enjoy Just Grace as much as I did!!!