Be Britt


July 23, 2014



If you want to see cute humming birds then you should get a hummingbird feeder!
To attract the hummingbirds, fill it with suger water or you can buy special hummingbird nectar at the store!!!
Then it will take a few days for them to discover it!
In the right season (spring and summer) you will see a ton! Once they find it they will not leave it alone until all the nectar is gone!!!

Cool Fact: Did you know the Ruby Red Throated Hummingbird weigh less than a nickel?? Their favorite color is red, so a brightly colored feeder will attract more hummingbirds!!!

Here is a picture of a Ruby Red Throated hummingbird at my feeder. image

This is the hummingbird feeder that our hummingbirds seem to like (and it even comes with free nectar!)

Here are the nectar refills in case you attract lots of hungry hummingbirds like we do!

July 14, 2014



Have you ever seen Black Skimmer Chicks hatch before?
On my beach there is a colony of Black Skimmer eggs that are hatching! They lay about 4 eggs at a time and then go back next year to lay the eggs again! The eggs have black pink and brown speckles! image
When the Black Skimmers hunt for food, they fly right above the water with their beak skimming the ocean! When they catch a fish they snap the beak closed to trap the fish in their beak! Then they carry it back to the hungry chicks!image
It does not take long for the baby chicks to grow bigger!

July 8, 2014

Book Review of “Just Grace” By Charise Harper


Just Grace by Charise Harper

Just Grace is a very good series to read! It’s all about a girl whose name in school is Just Grace!!! It all started when there was four Graces in her class!!! This made it very confusing!!!! They decided to call all of the Graces by the first letter of their last name!!! But then Grace said I want to be called “Just Grace!” The teacher did not know what she meant by “Just Grace”!!! So she was called Just Grace!!! Just Grace’s best friend is Meme!!! Just Grace meets some other unusual characters in the book!!! I hope you enjoy Just Grace as much as I did!!!

July 8, 2014

360 Razor Kids User Review


Have you heard about a superb, amazing toy called 360 Razor!!!,
The 360 Razor looks like a trycicle but it is not! Why??? Everyone knows what it’s like to ride a tricycle so my focus is on the 360 Razor. To ride the 360 Razor, peddle really fast then you jolt the handlebars to a hard right or a hard left and you will spin around in a circle! Some spins leave a trail of sparks where you are turning really fast and you pull a lever and you look behind you and there are sparks! Thankfully it will not make a fire!!! My suggestion is, don’t try doing a spin down hill unless you want to be in a crash! Razors come in two different colors the red one will make the sparks and the pink one is normal! If you would like one you might want to ask for a 360 Razor for Christmas!!! Both kids and adults are sure to enjoy this toy!!!Mine is pink!!!

July 8, 2014

4th of July Strawberries



I made these delicious chocolate covered strawberries for the 4th of July!

They were super simple to make!

first wash the strawberries and dry them!

Next you melt and dip the strawberries in white chocolate!

I used Ghirardelli white chocolate to dip my strawberries!

Then you dip just the ends in blue sprinkles!

Last but not least you let them dry on wax paper!!!

I think every one liked them because we made over 70 and they were all gone in less than 30 minutes!!!

If you get a chance to make them I hope you like them as much as we did!

July 7, 2014

Delicious Southern Pound Cake


How to make Pound Cake

Put the oven on 325 degrees
Soften the butter! (the best way is to leave the butter on the counter for a couple hours)!!!
Add 3 cups of sugar!
Crack 6 eggs!
3 cups of cake flour! (we use Swan’s Down)
1/2 tsp baking powder!
1 cup of whipping cream!
4 tsp vanilla!
Mix the batter until it is creamy!
Bake the Pound Cake at 325 degrees for 1 1/2 hours or until golden on top.
Blueberries, Raspberries and Strawberries make an excellent topping!
I hope you like it!